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Jonas Fisch

Jonas Fisch

Born in a small fisherman's village in southern Sweden, contemporary artist Jonas Fisch discovered his love for drawing and painting at a young age and was inspired to pursue his passion by renowned artist and grandmother AnnMarie Sjögren. His works can be seen in private collections around the world.

Fisch currently resides in Los Angeles. Jonas Fisch’s highly textural artworks are created with layers of mixed media on canvas. They often include abstract figures and faces, created with expressive brushwork and intense colors, drawing upon a variety of themes including the mythological, cultural and historical influences.

“As a fundamentally introspective person I have an explosive need to express and communicate my innermost rays, reflections and shadows. The canvas, the brush and the paint allows me act out, throw up, confront and examine those innermost feelings. Painting becomes my outlet. At a certain moment, each shape, stroke, and color suddenly takes over and the painting reveals itself. It becomes an expressive personal collaboration of art.

“I usually don’t have a preconceived image in my mind, rather a general notion of what I want to achieve. I put a lot down, I take a lot away, put some more down then take some more away. At the same time I’m open to changes, like waves, I know will come. My imagery is usually vibrantly buzzing with colorful commentary on society, past and present, morphed into figures, words and shapes.”

His abstract neo-expressionist artworks have been exhibited and collected worldwide.