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Sally K: Wild Pansy
Sally K: Wild Pansy
Sally K: Wild Pansy
Sally K: Wild Pansy
Sally K: Wild Pansy
Sally K: Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy

Artist Sally K Medium Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions (HxW) 125 x 198 cm
49 x 78 in
Location of the artwork Neumarkt 6

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About the artist

Sally K’s portraits capture the essence of empowered femininity,

celebrating the strength and grace inherent in every woman. Her

signature style features ethereal flower crowns that cascade across her

canvas and obscure her subject’s eyes. In doing so, she evokes a sense

of mystery and awe, prompting curiosity about the radiant woman


Her subjects are unweighted by materialistic elements–their poise exuding

a natural force. They are both confident and resilient, yet graceful and full

of sensuality. Showing us all women can embody of these qualities

harmoniously, and without concession.

Throughout her life, Sally has always been drawn to self-assured women.

Women who aren’t afraid of their femininity. Sometimes they’re tough and

daring, quiet and determined or curious and playful. Strengths Sally

admires and attributes she also strives to gain. To capture these qualities,

she imbues each painting with layers of meaning. The deliberate selection

of vibrant colors, imperfect petals, and unique arrangements conveys a

hidden story, and invites interpretation.

Sally K’s portraits are both personal and universally inclusive, celebrating

the diversity of women from all cultures and backgrounds. Each portrait

depicts the powerful woman within. A universal symbol of fierce feminine

empowerment; unapologetic, unique, radiant and self-assured.



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