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Do you want to decorate the walls in your home or office, but are unsure which picture might fit? We can help with a free, personal consultation on site at your home or office. Together, we can work out a complete art concept and select the artworks according to all your wishes and requirements.

To get a first impression of how the artworks would look in your space, our website has a virtual living room option that can really help. Once you have your desired artwork open, click the sofa icon and get a detailed view of the work of art on the wall. Try some of our rooms, or upload a picture of your own. The artwork can be freely moved and scaled within the image. In the event you need a little more help, we offer a free virtual trial. Send us a photo of your wall and your favorite artworks and well put them in the room for you.


Kunstwarenhaus ships artworks worldwide.


The Kunstwarenhaus offers the private or business customers the possibility to rent one or more paintings for an individual period of time. The rental price (the rent is invoiced monthly) is based on the value of the artwork. The works can be changed every 3-6 or 12 months if desired, or they can be purchased at any time (75% of the rent is credited towards the purchase). The most important rental conditions are summarized here (conditions and costs for use in film, television or other non-private use differ from these conditions and costs listed here!)

The rent of an artwork (for private person and private purpose) is from: 1 month: 8% of the selling price per month
3 months: 4% of the selling price per month
6 months: 3.5% of the selling price per month
12 months: 3% of the selling price per month

A work of art must be rented for at least one month and the minimum monthly rent is CHF 150.

The rental fee will be charged on a monthly basis.
75% of the rent will be credited towards the purchase of a work of art from the Kunstwarenhaus.

As soon as the artwork is handed over to the customer, he is liable for it.


Need an artwork with a special size, topic or color? Customized art is available by select artists.

Contact us for an individual offer


We are happy to have the work of art delivered to your home via courier service (from 35 CHF). It goes without saying that we send all works worldwide at very favorable conditions (mostly under 100 CHF worldwide).