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Terms & Conditions

Eligibility to Use the Site

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase goods on this Site. The Site is designed for persons with experience with, and who are accustomed to, buying Items based on photographs and the Buyer represents having such experience.


Due to the nature of the database synchronization, unintended inaccuracies may appear on the Site (e.g. artworks show as "available" when they are actually sold)

Right of Cancellation

Where the EU Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU) as implemented into national law in the various EU jurisdictions applies to a Buyer, unless one of the exceptions below applies, such a Buyer has the right to cancel its order without giving reason within 14 days from the day on which that Buyer or a third party indicated by the Buyer receives an Item. The Buyer must inform the Dealer of its decision to cancel the order in writing within this period. The Dealer must reimburse all payments received from this Buyer for the Items purchased and the Buyer will incur no fee as a result of such reimbursement. However, reimbursement may be withheld until the Dealer has received the Items back from the Buyer. The Buyer must send back the Items following the instructions of the Dealer. The Buyer will bear the cost of returning the Items to the Dealer. The Buyer may lose this right if the value of the Items returned diminishes due to the handling of the Items. The right of cancellation does not apply to: (a) the supply of Items made to the Buyer’s specifications; (b) the supply of Items which may deteriorate or expire rapidly; (c) the delivery of Items which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygienic reasons if unsealed by the Buyer after delivery, or which are, after delivery, mixed with other items; (d) the delivery of sealed video or audio recordings or of sealed software if unsealed by the Buyer after delivery; and (e) the supply of digital content if the Buyer accepted when it placed the order that delivery could be started and that the Buyer could not cancel once delivery had started.

Taxes and Import/Export Duties

The Buyer is entirely responsible for paying all sales and use taxes, VAT, export and/or import taxes and duties and all transactional taxes or levies related to the purchase of each Item purchased (collectively, "Taxes"). The Buyer shall pay the Dealer such Taxes as the Dealer is required to collect, but failure of the Dealer to collect the Taxes will not relieve the Buyer’s obligation. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to establish and/or document any applicable exemption from Taxes. The Buyer must determine, pay, collect, remit and report to the appropriate taxing authority the correct amount of all export and/or import taxes or duties payable upon export of the Item from its country of origin and import into the United States or any other country.


Buyer may elect to have the Dealer arrange for crating, packaging, shipping and freight insurance. Upon Buyer’s request Dealer shall provide shipping information including the name of the freight carrier, the complete cost of shipment from Dealer to Buyer’s designated receiving address, the cost of any duty or other charges to be paid by Buyer, the cost of freight insurance and the name of such insurance provider, as well as any costs or fees to be charged by Dealer for crating or packaging the Items for shipment. Buyer and Dealer shall mutually agree on shipment terms and Buyer shall prepay all shipment costs for Dealer-arranged shipping.

Payment for Products Purchased

Immediately (within 7 days) upon receipt of the Sale Confirmation, the Buyer shall remit an amount equal to 100% of the Total Purchase Price. If you choose to pay in advance via wire we kindly ask you to mail us the confirmation receipt from your bank in order for us to ship you the artworks.